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So you’ve written some music, and now it’s time to record. You’ve got ideas, you’ve got a vision in your mind, you know that most of all you want it to sound truly professional from the get go. That’s where I come in. There is a famous saying that gets thrown around in audio production circles a lot - “You can’t polish a t***”. Meaning if you want the end product to sound amazing, you’ve GOTTA get this right. This is the rule by which I operate, and it means I will always work with you to ensure that the performance we capture together is of the highest standard, so that you can be truly proud of what you’ve accomplished. I will work to make sure that the sounds you hear in your head are what we achieve in reality.


If Production is the first 40% of the equation, then Mixing is the next 40%. Mixing is where we truly bring your songs to life. We got some really amazing source tones, everything is sounding natural, tight and cohesive… but now it’s time to make it slam. This is where I will take the songs we recorded (or songs you’ve recorded anywhere else for that matter), and I will sculpt, refine, coax, level out and mould them into a modern, energetic and lively sound, ready for mastering. This is an incredibly important stage because this is where we craft the “Sonic Image” of your music, so it’s imperative that it’s done right, and luckily, it’s what I do best.


You're nearly there. The songs have been written, recorded, and mixed, but there is one final step, and that's mastering. Mastering has 2 primary functions. 
1) It raises the volume of your songs to commercial listening standards 
2) It ensures that they will translate accurately, no matter what device you are listening through, be it headphones, car speakers, laptop speakers, etc.
Because mastering is the final piece of the puzzle, it's SO important to get this right. A bad master can completely ruin the overall sound you worked so hard to achieve in the first 2 steps. A good master will preserve the character of your mix, ensure balance while making it louder and adding a final sparkle/sheen/polish/"insert exciting adjective". A mastered track is complete and ready to be released.

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Kalen Austin



Music isn't just a hobby or a job for me; it's my passion and my purpose. As the primary composer in my own band, The Stranger, I approach every project with a "song first" mentality. I believe that a great song is the foundation for a great production, and I strive to maintain that ethos in every aspect of what I do.

When you work with me, you can expect nothing less than my absolute dedication to your music. I deeply care about every note, every beat, and every emotion that your music conveys, and I will do everything in my power to ensure that your musical vision is understood and brought to life. I approach every project as a collaboration between artist and producer, with the ultimate goal of creating a recording that truly captures the essence of your art.

Your music is what matters, and everything I do is in service of that. From recording and mixing to producing and engineering, I bring all of my expertise and passion to the table to help you achieve your creative vision. I can't wait to work with you and bring your music to life!


Kalen Austin Producer


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